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To the bittersweet 30’s: It’s a great feeling coming into your own and not tolerating BS anymore. You can’t help but feel more confident, secure and stronger in your identity, but this is also the age for most women when you start to feel and see changes. This is the age when our hormones shift once again. You may notice shift in weight and areas of new weight gain that you have never seen before. This is a period in your life when you need to re-evaluate your activity levels and how you manage stress.

Few things to consider in your 30’s: Optimal healthy habits

  1. Shift mindset on fitness and nutrition
    1. In your 30’s you notice a shift in weight= adjust food intake. As you age, your body requires fewer calories. Explore ideas of how you can balance the amount of energy you take in and the amount of energy you burn.
  2. Move every day!
    1. The everyday stress of balancing work-life may leave little or no time for exercise. Fresh up your gym routine with a new exercise that inspires you. If you have a stationary job, stand up every 20 minutes and stretch.
  3. Take control of your food choices:
    1. Be conscious of the foods you are consuming. AKA Ingredients!
    2. Limit sugar intake
    3. Pay close attention to foods that are high in minerals and vitamins
    4. Be conscious of foods that make you feel lethargic, cause heartburn, stomach aches etc
  4. Focus on strong bones not how big your muscles are:
    1. You lose more bone that you produce in your 30s= higher risk of osteoporosis!
    2. Balance bones by doing weighted exercises and eating a diet rich in calcium, vitamin d, magnesium, and collagen
    3. Strength training should also focus on abdominal core to help maintain aligned posture.
  5. Be good to your melons:
    1.  Schedule routine check ups
    2. Splurge on supportive bras- especially for exercise. I recommend Shefit!
  6. Support your hair, skin and nails:
    1. Skincare: Eat antioxidant foods high in vitamin A, C, and E
    2. Hair and Nails: Eat protein rich foods high in zinc, iron and selenium. Collagen is also a great supplement to add to your daily routine.

Taking Action:

We all know that each of us have a unique identity and aging will touch us differently. Aging is what makes us uniquely beautiful! Summing this up, understanding our health at every age is extremely important to maintain optimal health. Consult a physician for blood panels and weekly stats on hormone levels. Remember don’t sweat the wrinkles and blemishes, life is too short not to enjoy it!

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