A 7 week step by step, independent educational experience to learn all about gallbladder disease, gain nutrition confidence, heal you gut and start improving gallbladder function.


By the end of this program you will learn….

• Understand what nutrition is needed to support and improve gallbladder function long term.

• Have a better idea of what cause your gallbladder diagnosis and what you need to work on improving so you can start healing.

• Understand what steps you need to take along your gallbladder journey to heal.

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• Overcome food fear and gallbladder pain.

• Understand the steps needed to improve gut health.

• Understand how to support your liver through food and lifestyle.

• Develop, new and sustainable healthy lifestyle habits that promote health longterm


Learn all about gallbladder disease and become a gallbladder expert

Did you know the number one cause of gallbladder disease is diet?! In this module you will learn the root cause of gallbladder disease, what your gallbladder does, what goes wrong and proper testing so you can start taking action today!


What nutrition support is needed for gallbladder disease?

Food is medicine, and food is the most powerful tool in our bucket when it comes to gallbladder disease. In this module you will learn about what foods are supportive for gallbladder and liver function, gallbladder triggers, and what nutrition support is needed in order to improve your gallbladder issues. This module includes a grocery list, an 8 week food log and 2 week sample recipes to get started with!


Why is my gut health so important for a healthy gallbladder?

There is a bidirectional relationship between your gut, gallbladder, and liver. Healing your gut is the foundation for long-term health and makes a huge improvement in gallbladder health. In this module you will learn strategies to heal your gut, what functional testing maybe the best for you and gut healing foods.


Why is my liver health so important for a healthy gallbladder?

Your gallbladder and liver are sister organs and we cannot improve your gallbladder without addressing the health of your liver. In this module you will learn key nutrients for liver support, lifestyle and supplements to support your liver on a daily basis.


Navigate Supplements

In this module you will learn strategies to adjust your lifestyle and improve overall gut, gallbladder and liver health.


Holistic approach to managing gallbladder disease?

In this module you will learn strategies to adjust your lifestyle and improve overall gut, gallbladder and liver health.


Holistic approach to managing gallbladder disease?

In this module you will learn what supplements are recommended to improve digestion, gallbladder, gut and liver health.


Bonus! Natural Strategies during Gallbladder Attack

When you enroll you will get:


  7 Education Modules and Strategies

  33 videos


  Self paced Reflection worksheets


  Grocery shopping guide

  Food and mood journal

  Sample Recipes

  Gallbladder Attack Meal Guide

  Liver Healing Action Steps

  Gut Healing Action Steps

  Lifestyle Reflection Worksheet and Calendar

  Resource guide for Gallbladder approved supplements

What people are saying about it….

““I finally felt like I wasn't alone. Olivia's knowledge is priceless. Her easy going, laid back approach is exactly what I needed. After having an episode in Jan 2019, I wasn't told I had gallstones in till about 8 months later. I was looked at like I was crazy, that the discomfort I was experiencing daily, was all in my head. Once I found out I had stones, I wanted to know why. Only thing was no doctor, specialist, or surgeon could them me that. I knew that I didn't want to have surgery, if it was avoidable. I felt so lost, them came Olivia on IG. I was finally able to connect some dots, eliminate some trigger foods and the discomfort on my side started to go away. This course for me was priceless. Finally, someone that could give me answers and give me the power of my own health, back in my hands. Through this course I improved the discomfort on my upper right side. I have slept on my side after 2 years!””


“I have been symptom free for a few weeks now. I feel very comfortable knowing what to do if I do have a gall bladder attack, and I feel very comfortable with the tools I learned how to prevent one. My symptoms have also improved greatly. I learned a lot. I learned how to balance my blood sugar with building proper meals. I learned it’s very important to get to the underlying reason why I am having gallbladder issues. I learned it’s very important to manage stress. I didn’t realize it was causing digestive upset. I also learned the difference between gallbladder discomfort and digestive upset (bloating). I learned so much! I am so very grateful!”


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