Ready to improve your gallbladder health so you can take your life back?!

The most comprehensive 8 week program designed to guide you through gallbladder disease, heal your gut, improve liver health,  ditch food fear for good, feel confident along your journey and ultimately improve your health long-term!

Kickstart Your Gallbladder Health program is the only gallbladder program that not only educates you on the root cause of gallbladder disease but shows you how to effectively thrive with gallbladder disease with my successful framework.

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Which one of these applies to you?

• You recently have been diagnosed with gallstones, gallbladder sludge, inflammation or a low functioning gallbladder and are looking to address your health through a root cause approach!
• You were recently diagnosed with a fatty liver and gallbladder disease.
• You are scheduled for gallbladder removal but it is months or years out and you need all the help you can get!
• You have been trying to manage your symptoms with low fat diets, paleo, etc and nothing is working!
• You are afraid to eat and waking up in fear of a upper abdominal pain and gallbladder attacks.
• You have spent hours on google and Facebook groups and are so stressed out you don't know what to do!
• You are ready for change and open to learning new strategies.
• You are scheduled for surgery and ready to start making healthy dietary and lifestyle changes today!

By the end of this program you will learn….

• Understand what nutrition is needed for gallbladder disease.
• How to address the root cause of gallbladder disease.
• Understand what steps you need to take along your health journey in order to improve symptoms.
• Overcome food fear and abdominal pain.
• Understand the steps needed to improve gut health.
• Understand how to support your liver through food and lifestyle. Bonus! How to reverse fatty liver.
• Develop, new and sustainable healthy lifestyle habits that promote health long term

Lets Kickstart your Gallbladder Health Today!



Root Cause approach to Gallbladder Disease

Did you know the number one cause of gallbladder and fatty liver disease is diet?! In this module you will learn the root cause of gallbladder and fatty liver disease, the role of the gallbladder and liver, what goes wrong and proper testing so you can start taking action today!

Live weekly check in, module take aways, weekly worksheet, Q&A, goals and taking action steps


What nutrition and supplementation supports liver and gallbladder health?

Food is medicine, and food is the most powerful tool in our bucket when it comes to gallbladder and liver support. In this module you will learn about what foods are supportive for gallbladder and liver function, food triggers, the importance of balancing blood sugar and what nutrition support is needed in order to improve your symptoms. This module includes a grocery list, an 8 week food log, supplement cheat sheet and 8 week sample meal plan!

Live weekly check in, module take aways, weekly worksheet, Q&A, goals and taking action steps


Why is my gut health so important for a healthy gallbladder and liver?

There is a bidirectional relationship between your gut, gallbladder, and liver. Healing your gut is the foundation for long-term health and makes a huge improvement in gallbladder and liver health. In this module you will learn strategies to heal your gut, what functional testing maybe the best for you and gut healing foods. The module will also dig into deeper detail of Hpylori, SIBO and leaky gut.

Live weekly check in, module take aways, weekly worksheet, Q&A, goals and taking action steps


Hormone Health and Gallbladder Function

There are so many different hormones that play a role in gallbladder function. Supporting your hormones is crucial for healthy gallbladder function.

Live weekly check in, module take aways, weekly worksheet, Q&A, goals and taking action steps


Why is my liver health so important for a healthy gallbladder?

Your gallbladder and liver are sister organs and we cannot improve your gallbladder without addressing the health of your liver. In this module you will learn key nutrients for liver support, lifestyle and supplements to support your liver on a daily basis.

Live weekly check in, module take aways, weekly worksheet, Q&A, goals and taking action steps


Symptoms Improvement: Constipation, Gallbladder Pain and Attacks, Acid Reflux/ Heartburn

In this module you will learn natural strategies to improve common digestive issues associated with gallbladder disease.

Live weekly check in, module take aways, weekly worksheet, Q&A, goals and taking action steps


Lifestyle support for gallbladder disease

In this module you will learn strategies to adjust your lifestyle and improve overall gut, gallbladder and liver health. This includes movement, hydration, digestion support, mindfulness, and nontoxic living recommendations. Includes non toxic living document and how to read food labels.

Live weekly check in, module take aways, weekly worksheet, Q&A, goals and taking action steps


Bonus! Reverse Fatty Liver

Live weekly check in, module take aways, weekly worksheet, Q&A, goals and taking action steps

When you enroll you will get:


  8 Education Modules and Strategies
  50 videos


  Monday Accountability Check Ins
  8 week live weekly group coaching calls
  Bonus! One live coaching call with a Naturopathic doctor


  Access to Private Facebook Community with weekly Live Q&A
•  Support via email and text messaging through Practice Better App
  Discount on 1:1 coaching sessions


  Gallbladder & Liver Friendly Grocery shopping guide
  3 Day food journal with nutritionist feedback
  8 week Sample Meal Plan
  Gallbladder Attack Meal Guide
  Liver Healing Action Steps
  Gut Healing Action Steps
  Lifestyle Reflection Worksheet and Calendar
  Resource guide for supplements +20% off professional grade supplements
  Nontoxic living guide

What people are saying about it….

“I finally felt like I wasn't alone. Olivia's knowledge is priceless. Her easy going, laid back approach is exactly what I needed. After having an episode in Jan 2019, I wasn't told I had gallstones in till about 8 months later. I was looked at like I was crazy, that the discomfort I was experiencing daily, was all in my head. Once I found out I had stones, I wanted to know why. Only thing was no doctor, specialist, or surgeon could them me that. I knew that I didn't want to have surgery, if it was avoidable. I felt so lost, them came Olivia on IG. I was finally able to connect some dots, eliminate some trigger foods and the discomfort on my side started to go away. This course for me was priceless. Finally, someone that could give me answers and give me the power of my own health, back in my hands. Through this course I improved the discomfort on my upper right side. I have slept on my side after 2 years!”


“I have been symptom free for a few weeks now. I feel very comfortable knowing what to do if I do have a gall bladder attack, and I feel very comfortable with the tools I learned how to prevent one. My symptoms have also improved greatly. I learned a lot. I learned how to balance my blood sugar with building proper meals. I learned it’s very important to get to the underlying reason why I am having gallbladder issues. I learned it’s very important to manage stress. I didn’t realize it was causing digestive upset. I also learned the difference between gallbladder discomfort and digestive upset (bloating). I learned so much! I am so very grateful!”


Payment Options

A one-time payment of



4 Monthly payments of



Frequently Asked Questions

How many people will be in a group?

Enrollment is open to 50 students.

If I miss a live call will it be recorded?

Yes but to protect the privacy of the members, Q&A part of the call will not be recorded.

When does enrollment open?

Enrollment opens September 27th.

Deadline to enroll is October 8 and first module is available October 11.

Each week you receive access to a new module to help you stay on track with the step by step framework.

When will the live calls be?

Live calls are coordinated with each cohort group.

I live outside of the US, can I join?

Yes! Everything is virtual.

Does the course include the gallbladder flush?

No for legal reasons this course does not include gallbladder flush in the tools and recommendations to improve gallbladder function.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have access to the course for 6 months. Each week a new course module will release to help keep everyone on track.

Ready to tackle gallbladder disease?

Enrollment is Currently Closed