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5 Questions to Ask Yourself That Will Make Your Healthy Habits Stick On The Weekend.

By July 11, 2020 No Comments

How to stay accountable and sane with your health goals on the weekend?

Easiest practice is through constant check ins! Not weight check ins but mindful check ins.

These check ins are intended to create balance in your life. It helps you become conscious about your mind-body-soul connection.

Often on the weekends we kick all the healthy habits to the curb. Conscious mindset check ins are a great way to create balance on the weekends while not waking up Monday morning anxious with a ton of guilt.

To put this into practice. These are some great questions to ask yourself. Consciously celebrate your big wins from the week and tap into knowing what serves your lifestyle or doesn’t serve the lifestyle you are trying to build. The exercise will help you build balance on the weekends without the hangover guilt.

Spend some time with a journal and ask yourself:

  1. What was my greatest accomplishment from this week?
  2. What can I do this weekend to reset my mental health?
  3. What can I do this weekend to fill my time with joy, love and rest?
  4. What can I do to move my body?
  5. What is one thing I look forward to this weekend?

This process is going to help you continue your healthy habits during the week into the weekend.

In health!


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