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5 Steps to Manage Stress + Anxiety

By July 14, 2020 No Comments

Have you ever during periods of stress you experience more moodiness, irritability, brain fog, abdominal pain, constipation, heartburn, and insomnia? These are all early signs that stress is taking havoc over your health.

Stress is the silent killer and impacts our immune system, digestive tract, metabolism, and mental health. With so much uncertainty right now we can take control of our health by learning to manage stress.

These are 5 easy steps to introduce in your routine to help reduce stress + anxiety.

1.Focus on what you can control

Naturally as humans we HATE when things are out of our control. Being out of control instantly causes anxiety. Rather than focusing on the future, focus on what you can control in the present. Everyday write down three things you can control, tackle them and celebrate your accomplishments!

2. Change your state through breath work.

Change your elevated heart rate and how you feel through deep breaths throughout the day. Minimum 3 deep breaths per set. Example breathe in 4 counts, release 4 counts. Studies show 6 deep breaths changes your anxious mindset to a state of calmness.

3. Focus on nourishing your body.

Reduce refined carbohydrates, sugar, processed goods and limit intake of caffeine and alcohol. Introduce more good mood foods rich in omega 3s, Vitamin D, Vitamin B family, and Protein. For quality supplements, please research: https://wellevate.me/olivia-soucier

4. Focus on creating healthy habits everyday through movement and sleep.

Goal to create movement about 30 minutes minimum per day through low impact exercises like biking, swimming, strength training, walking and yoga- All great stress relievers!

Create healthy sleep habits by shutting off media 1 hour before bed. Prepare your mind for restful 8 hours of sleep.

5. Change your mindset.

Change your mindset by seeing the opportunity in stressful periods. Journal 5 minutes per day and ask yourself what are 3 positive things in this situation right now? What is one lesson I can take from this experience?

We all are under an immense amount of stress. I promise you there is a light at the tunnel! In the meantime we need to continue working on improving ourselves and our health!

In health and gratitude,



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