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Gallbladder & Liver

How Do I Support My Body Long Term With or Without a Gallbladder?

By January 13, 2021 No Comments

Do you have gallbladder problems or have you had your gallbladder removed?⁠

You may have been told after gallbladder removal you can eat whatever you want. Well…. I am going to tell you that is a lie if you want to prevent future health issues. If your goal is to remain healthy long term it is extremely important you focus on improving your digestive function + liver health for the long haul. with or without a gallbladder. ⁠

Without your gallbladder, your liver still does its job of creating bile but this time is releases into the intestines. Healthy bile is needed to breakdown fats, and helps excrete cholesterol, fats, and fat soluble toxins. And if you go back to your eating habits of a diet high dirty fats, protein, and carbohydrates, this is problematic because without a gallbladder your bile slowly releases into your intestines. If you eat a fatty meal your body has less bile stored and cant digest the amount of fat you are consuming. This is one reason why fat malabsorption is the biggest issues post gallbladder removal.⁠

SO Where do we start with supporting our bodies long term with or without a gallbladder?

1.Address nutrition deficiencies, food allergies, food intolerances.⁠

2.Eat to heal with foods that support gallbladder + liver function.⁠

3.Eat to heal your gut with prebiotics, probiotics, bitter vegetables and fiber rich foods.⁠

4.Supplement Wisely by working with your physician and/or nutritionist.⁠



7.Have a nice poop daily- address chronic constipation + diarrhea.(this ain’t normal)⁠

8.Set bed time rules so you achieve 7-9 hrs min.⁠

9.Breathe + relax⁠

10.Repeat daily⁠

If you are ready to heal your body,  take your health back for the long haul,  and learn how to support your body the right way with or without a gallbladder.⁠ Contact here: https://honoryourcore.com/contact/


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